Manager Guide: 3 Steps to Increase Retention, Inclusion, and Engagement

Current management practices are failing us because the ultimate focus of ‘good management’ is on controlling employees to get more out of them. To finally achieve breakthroughs in engagement, retention, and inclusion, managers must shift their focus from control to genuine care for their people.
To truly care for our people and support them to thrive, we need to understand the key experiences that are universal to human well-being, self-motivation, and a thriving life, and how to provide and sustain these experiences for our people.
In this Manager Guide you'll learn:
  • The three core experiences that are essential for your employees to thrive, based on the leading science on human motivation, engagement, and performance.
  • Three proven steps to provide and sustain these experiences for your people.
  • Practical examples of these management best practices in action.